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Michael P Stehr
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SISTINE CHAPEL DECORATIVE ART excels in many areas of hand painted finishes for the interior of your home or business. Here you will find more information about the individual techniques and the ways in which they can beautify any environment. Please visit the individual portfolios to see examples of each. For more information, or to make an appointment for a consultation, please contact Michael.

From hand painted borders to corner to corner murals, these applications of decorative art can have the greatest impact on an interior space. Designs and techniques are utilized with a strong commitment to classical and elegant looks. Michael often relies on his degree in Art History as a resource for achieving these objectives. The ultimate goal of this application is to elevate the painted decoration to the level of fine art.

Many applications are available to beautify the walls of your home. Wall glazing involves applying a thin glaze or stain color to the wall in a subtle, uniform manner. This thin veil of color can be manipulated in a variety of ways to create several different effects. The nuance of the base color showing through the glaze color creates a depth and complexity that cannot be achieved with a flat paint. The finest applications of this trade are those that are subtle. One is more aware of a unique quality of color rather than a specific technique. Other possibilities include trowel on finishes, such as interior plaster with integral color.

The art of imitating wood with paint. Through the manipulation of thin glazes of color, the natural beauty of wood can be vividly replicated in paint. Working on a basecoat of enamel, any surface can be finished to have the rich, warm coloring of natural wood. Faux Bois can be an appropriate design solution for an existing architectural element that has already been painted or a non wood surface that would be more appealing with the look of natural wood. Michael has distinguished himself in the field of painted wood grain where he has taught and applied the technique internationally.

The galleries of the Louvre in Paris and the nave of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome are both decorated by this age old art form. Multiple layers of color are applied to a painted base coat to simulate the natural depth and beauty of stone. Used in the right applications, a painted marble surface can beautify an interior with a sense of artistry and elegance.
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